Information duty – of RODO, 

Dear  Partners to we are announcing, that for day 25 of May2018 in processing personal details will find application Regulation of the European Parliament and Council of European Union 2016 / 679 from 27 April 2016 for matter bodyguards of natural persons in the regard to the processing given personal and in the matter free of flow of such data and repeal of directive 95 / 46 / EC (so-called "RODO"). Below we collected information concerning principles of processing your personal details which we are handing over in for performing the obligation of RODO imposed by Art. 13. data which we are processing was yours from of you recruited during one be of a few following activities:

  • in marketing objectives, in it of order processing, with preparing offers.

Your personal details are being processed electronically and by hand, according to methods and procedures associated with processing purposes which are being talked about in pt 3. Giving personal details in of connection with recommended activities it is voluntary, and not-giving them will cause the lack possibility of preparing offers, order processing. Agreement on processing personal details he is a condition of the conclusion of every of agreements, because they were essential to carry them out.

1. With administrator of your personal details (farther: "Administrator") is single business activity - Mio Lighting Company Magdalena Grzesiak st.  Księdza Franciszka Okroya 3, 80-297 Miszewo, Poland VAT Numbers 578-280-13-65.

2. You can get in touch with us in writing, with the traditional mail writing to the address: st. ul. Księdza Franciszka Okroya 3, 80-297 Miszewo or through the message e-mail to the address: biuro@miolighting.pl.

3. Your data as the Administrator is being processed by us in one be a few following

  • in marketing objectives (base: Art. of 6 sec. 1 lit. but RODO)
  • of the sale and the delivery of ordered goods (base: Art. of 6 sec. 1 b RODO lit.);

4. As the majority of entrepreneurs, in our activity we are using the help of other operators, what many times is being bound with the need to communicate your personal details e.g. to the purpose of delivering ordered goods. With reference to the above, if necessary, we are handing over Your personal details for the following recipients:

  • operators of computer systems,
  • courier companies and the Polish mail,
  • outside suppliers of products,
  • accounting and auditorium companies.
  • hosting companies
  • for service engineers effecting the installation

5. As the Administrator we aren't processing personal or given special categories of data of personal centres concerning convictions and infringements of the law or tied together safeties. They belong to special categories of data: personal details displaying the background racial or ethnic, political opinions, religious beliefs or of outlook, membership to trade unions, genetic data, biometric data explicitly identified of natural person or data concerning the health, the sexuality or the sexual orientation of this person.

6. Your personal details by the Administrator will be processed by the essential period for of achievements of the goals which are being talked about in pt 3 e.g. completing the completion of an order, the end of complaints proceedings, and after this period up to the moment of the limitation possible of claims or up to the moment of the expiration of duties of the data storage resulting from of provisions of the law.

7. In relation to processing your personal details you are entitled to an entitlement to:

  • of access to your personal details,
  • of correcting your personal details,
  • of removing your personal details,
  • of limiting processing your personal details,
  • of making an objection towards processing your personal details,
  • transfer operations of your personal details,
  • of filing a complaint to a supervisory body.

8. If processing your data takes place based on the permission given by you you have the right to withdraw the agreement at any moment without the influence on the legality of processing which they made based on the permission before for her moving back.

9. Above it is possible to take advantage of the laws indicated in pt 7 in particular through:

  • e-mail contact at the address: biuro@miolighting.pl
  • written contact, with the traditional mail to the address: St. Księdza Franciszka Okroya 3, 80-297 Miszewo, Poland.

10. More information about means of implementation of your entitlements, determined in pt 11, you can to get contacting the Administrator in the way determined into pt 2 and 9.

11. You are entitled to also a right to file a complaint to a doing supervisory body with protection of personal data (from 25 May 2018 to the president of the office of the data protection Personal), if you will acknowledge that processing personal details is infringing provisions of the law of the protection of personal data, in particular provisions of the regulation.

12. The administrator is making every effort to provide all means physical, technical and of organizational protection of personal data before their accidental or deliberate damage, with loss, the change, the unauthorized disclosure, the application or the access, according to
with all applicable regulations.